OOH Marketplace is an Out-of-Home (OOH) online platform that aggregates SMME’s inventory nationwide

Digitization is coming whether we like it or not… partner with us to facilitate your organizations digital transformation journey as we enable the automation of your media buying

Efficient, Transparent and Optimized OOH Buying

We have created a first of it’s kind; a marketplace that aims to bridge the ‘engagement gap’ between Media Buyers and Sellers, with the results being improved market intelligence, effective business processes, better value for money for the client investing in Advertising Strategies.

What Clients and Media Buyers Can Achieve

Benefits for Clients and Media Buyers:

  • Access site availability in real-time
  • Reserve inventory
  • Negotiate rates in real-time with site owner
  • Book inventory directly with the site owner
  • Download automated campaign schedules and chase lists
  • Receive one campaign invoice that consolidates multiple media owners
  • Upload artwork for flighting
  • Download proof of flighting submission by media owners
  • Accurately account to client procurement regarding empowerment spending

Benefits for Media Owners:

  • View their business performance
  • View sales activities in real-time
  • Upload multiple supporting site videos and images
  • Add pre-negotiated rates per inventory
  • Create seasonal packages
  • Respond to inventory optioning in real-time
  • Negotiate rates in real-time with Media Buyer/Planner
  • Download client artwork
  • Upload proof of flighting
  • Provide media buyer with detailed insight about site location

Procurement Benefits for Clients and Agencies


Clients & Agencies don’t
incur additional costs in
engaging our services


By pooling the vast OOH platforms available and automating time consuming tasks we ensure efficiencies for the buyer


Pricing transparency to
ensure best value for


The ability to work across
the OOH value chain
delivers a diversified mix
of platforms and audience
engagement opportunities

about us

We are a team of software engineers and media buying practitioners that aim to digitize manual media buying tasks and thereby increasing media buying efficiency.
We provide media buyers with real-time access to the vast OOH opportunities available and assist media owners access media buying networks across the country


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